East Kentucky Power Cooperative All Source Long-Term Request for Proposals 2012

East Kentucky Power Cooperative (“EKPC”) has issued a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to obtain up to 300 MW of generation resources with an online date of October 2015.  Resources with an online date as late as October 2017 will be considered but will be evaluated in light of any additional costs incurred by EKPC due to the later online date.  EKPC has formally applied to join the PJM Interconnection and expects to be a full member before October 2015.  EKPC will consider both power purchase agreements and facility ownership of the following types of resources:

  • New construction of conventional generation technologies and all fuel types to include turnkey, joint ownership or other alternatives;
  • Existing conventional generation (a share of a plant could be accepted);
  • New and existing renewable generation.

The Brattle Group (“Brattle”) is serving as the Independent Procurement Manager (“IPM”) for this RFP process.

Parties interested in submitting a proposal should begin by reviewing the RFP document, available here.  On June 15, 2012, a set of Required Forms to be used for preparing Bids will be posted, and interested parties should carefully review those as well.

This website will be used throughout the RFP process to communicate with interested parties.  It is divided into the following sections:

  • RFP FAQ: contains answers to questions submitted to the IPM;
  • Ask the Manager: allows interested parties to submit questions directly to the IPM;
  • Calendar: lists important dates in the RFP process;
  • Info Sessions: provides details regarding any scheduled public information sessions;
  • Documents & Data: contains links to several important documents.  Participants will be provided access to the confidential documents section after they submit the confidentiality agreement as part of their notice of intent to submit a proposal;
  • Document Submittal: allows RFP participants to submit certain documents to the IPM;
  • Registration: allows interested parties to register to receive email updates about this RFP.

The PDF below will be updated as questions are received and processed.   This is the public version of the FAQ document.  A number of questions and answers have been redacted and marked as confidential.  To view these questions and answers, Participants that have executed a confidentiality agreement may download the confidential version of the FAQ document from the confidential documents section of the website.

RFP Auction Frequently Asked Questions